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Conférence-150x150An amazing conference with more than 25 videos – love at first sight guaranteed!

In time, Synergology has become a very powerful tool in learning about the non-verbal. It has also been used to identify mankind’s genuine nature. In understanding your speaker, you will easily decipher emotions and thoughts in your daily activities.

Whether you work in human resources, sales, investigations, teaching, psychology, finances, etc. this conference is adapted to all walks of life, depending on your need.

Your speakers:

Since several years, we do vocational training for companies, groups and different levels of government, offering credible training in the non-verbal universe. We travel the world with this unique method called Synergology

Why will participants be thrilled and how could these results be explained?Conference

During this conference more than 25 day-to-day videos will be used as examples to prove different points.
The question period allows participants to receive answers concerning motions observed in the past, but very unknown as their meaning. We can analyze 2 500 unconscious motions which allow you to interpret the non-verbal aspect of your speaker.

You will be given 10 practical methods of interpretation (10 keys) which are still quite unknown but are assets in communication. You will leave this conference with solid and proven tools

A very special conference giving your participants all the tools required, thus making them more efficient – an extra bonus.
At the end of this conference you will ask for more!!

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Please contact Sonia Mercure at OriZon.

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