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Training Services

TrainingWe offer personalized training worldwide. Our team moves and has personalized courses according to your organizational needs. A dream come true – If you enjoy the television series “Lie To Me”, then you will adore your training! Our trainers are able to decode over 3 000 unconscious movements.

Whatever your field of work, we will personalize it for your:  Law enforcement, investigations, interventions, public safety Human Resources and team management Teaching, individual and group Sales, representation and customer services Health professions and social services Education, communication and legal consultations Public relations And many others !!!

Private TrainingTraining

We can offer you private training as soon as you have reached a group of 12 or 15 participants. The training is available in a one-or-two-day-format (or more). We travel the world for you, as our fuel is our passion for non-verbal communication.


Private Objectives

Be able to detect what the other does not say by analyzing and reading his gestures; transmit you the power to react; and communicate better. All of our training comes with a notebook for each participant.

Pedagogical approach:

  • PowerPoint
  • Videos
  • Interactive Analysis


Some of the topics covered during this training:

  • Understanding of the importance of the axes of the heads and understanding the meanings
  • Crossing of arms and legs
  • Crossovers hands
  • Explanation of handshakes, wind, and greetingCombo
  • Understanding the seated positions on the chair
  • Understanding the microscratches (on the body and the body)
  • Analysis of videotapes
  • See the difference in the eyes (directions and sizes)
  • Understand the movement of the body, the head and hands
  • Understand the movements of the false “no” and false “yes”
  • Analyze visual quadrants
  • Understand the correlation with objects and body
  • Read the disguised emotion


See gestural related to lies and manipulationLearn how to read the following gestures:

  • Signs of discomfort
  • Signs of congruence and incongruence
  • Signs of authority
  • Signs of closing
  • Signs of opening
  • Signs of anger
  • Signs of rejection
  • Signs of aggression


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