What is a synergologist?


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What is a synergologist?

A synergologist is someone who has studied synergology for more than 240 hours in class. In other words, to become a synergologist, you have to take 15 courses over a period of three years. These trainings last for 2 days and are offered every two months. As in all courses, it is necessary to prepare for the next courses (review, observe, etc.) as well as for the exams in sessions 5, 10 and 15.

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Why is it so long?

You have to take your time, to be able to observe ‘easily & naturally’ and to understand the concepts that were transmitted during these trainings. Just like learning a new language, you have to practice and take time.

It should also be known that, recently, training has become somewhat closer, and therefore, the period to cover the 30 days of training may take less time …


Are there evaluation processes?

Certainly, there are three levels (technician, practitioner and senior practitioner). For each level, you must pass the exam to continue and access the next level.

So in the end, considering the studies required, we do not talk about 240 hours, but much more…

In the evaluation process, it is necessary to consider the writing of a report … (we will come back to it later …)


After successfully completing my classes, can I teach as a synergist?

To be able to teach, the person must have completed his training, then completed and submit an observation report, which has just added another fifty hours of study to achieve this…

In reality, to become a synergologist, and to be able to teach, it is necessary to easily agree 3 years, and more than 400 hours.

‘If I’m interested in the discipline, but do not want to become a teacher, what are the other options?’ You can take a 2-day training and after, if you change your mind and want to become a teacher, the cost of your 2-day training will be deducted from the costs of comprehensive training … (30 days)

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Who governs synergologists?

Synergologists are not among the ‘professional orders’, but this is only a matter of time. Without actually having a code of ethics, synergologists are governed by a code of ethics (in addition to a charter), and this, in collaboration and thanks to the supervision of the AQS.

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What are the job prospects for a synergologist?

It must be said that this discipline is relatively recent. In fact, the first training offered in Quebec was April 7, 2001 in Montreal! So, the first synergologists were on the market in 2004. Today, with less than a hundred synergologists in Quebec and less than half a dozen who live full time, job prospects are very good …

Finally and for information purposes, the synergologist is a self-employed person, and therefore, it is up to him to set up his clientele.


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